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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Taking Dreams Too Far

Kelli Fox

Reality doesn't interest you two as a couple during this period. Instead, you're much more interested in fantasy -- in escaping the everyday life of your relationship, which may be a bit of a disappointment when compared to all you hoped it would be. If you can confine this new interest in fantasy to safe realms, such as, say, the bedroom, then this might be a really fun few months.

But if you get a little too attached to trying to make your shared ideals a reality, you may be disappointed in the end. The current energy is the kind that makes you dream big, and you may overextend yourselves trying to make that dream come true. The money runs out, the contractors all shake their heads and go home...and you're left with an unfinished shell of a house and a big dream that's gone suddenly stale. Or something like that. You'll be a lot better off if you can keep your dreams on a much more manageable scale, such as that aforementioned taste for fantasy play or a newly close relationship with your local video store. Escaping into the fantasy world of a good movie is no problem; the problems begin when you actually start confusing fantasy with reality.

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