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Jupiter opposite Mercury

A Bit Too Confident

Kelli Fox

Your social calendar may be a little too full over the next few months, and trying to meet every obligation will be at the expense of your energy and your moods. You're both a little too confident now about your own abilities. Playing a pickup game of soccer on Saturday?

Sure! Wait -- we planned to have lunch with the Smiths that day! Oh well, we can make it to both; we'll just wear our cleats to the restaurant... On and on the negotiations will go, both of you doing everything you can to fit everything in. You may end up spreading yourselves too thin, and failing to give proper attention to any one endeavor. If you're working on any projects together, your overconfidence could easily push you to bite off much more than you can chew. This sort of energy can lead to a half-renovated kitchen, a bone-dry expense account and the two of you standing in the midst of the rubble, palms up in surprise. 'How did this happen?' you'll ask each other. Well, you pushed each other to it. Try not to exaggerate your resources or your abilities; it'll just lead to trouble in the not-so-distant future. Try getting a third, more objective opinion before jumping into anything big.

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