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Jupiter opposite Mars

A Bit Too Exuberant

Kelli Fox

Your energy is running high over the next few months. When you get together, you probably won't be in the mood to cuddle on the couch; instead you'll want to go out for a run together, or do a quick, frenzied clean of the house, or go shopping -- a trip that will likely involve more walking from one window to the next than actual browsing, because browsing is just too slow now! You're both full of enthusiasm, which is a good thing.

But that feeling of exuberance may encourage you to take on a lot more than you can realistically handle, which could end up being not so good. You do have extra energy, and you are working as a team; still, you could overextend yourselves and end up drained of energy or other resources. You might pull a hamstring out on that daily jog you suddenly both crave. Daredevil dates may hold appeal now, but if you do go out skydiving or bungee jumping together, do so with a trained professional who can make sure you get home in one piece! In terms of your relationship itself, one or both of you might start feeling a bit hemmed in. Find productive ways to break out of your normal routine, not destructive ones.

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