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Jupiter opposite Jupiter

Scrambling to Keep Up

Kelli Fox

The next few months will be busy, busy, busy for you two. All the projects you've got underway together suddenly come to a head at once, and you're both scrambling to keep up as you return phone calls, make split-second decisions and otherwise stay very much on your toes. Your energies could be depleted by all the back-and-forth you might go through during this period; or, you might just manage to pull it off.

Working together certainly makes things easier -- at least, as long as you see things the same way. When you start to disagree on methods or directions, however, that's when things could get a little sticky. Especially on bigger, more important endeavors, you may need to designate areas for each of you to focus on independently, and then just try your hardest to trust that you'll come together with a complete project in the end. Also, remember the beauty and power inherent in compromise. Meet each other halfway whenever possible, and use the art of compromise to smooth things over with people with whom you're trying to work closely. A little grease quiets even the squeakiest wheel.

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