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Jupiter conjunct Venus

Very Much in Love

Kelli Fox

You two might blow your savings accounts and max out your credit cards over the next few months, but if you do so, it'll all be in the name of love. You're just feeling so goofy over each other these days! And you want to express your feelings in any way you can, which during this period will mean tangible gestures of affection -- little gifts and trinkets, gourmet meals at expensive restaurants, impromptu weekend trips away from home...

Your attitude now is, whatever the cost, it's worth it. To you two, love is priceless, and overspending is a small price to pay for showing your honey how much you adore them. The nice thing about this period of a few months is that every bit of goodness that you send out seems to come back to you later, like a very positive form of instant karma. You might even enjoy a little bit of extra money coming your way, which will help to cover the extra you've been spending out of sheer bliss and generosity. If that happens, be grateful -- the universe is taking care of you now, and all you have to do in return is to enjoy yourselves and each other and keep on putting those sweet, loving vibes out into the world.

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