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Jupiter conjunct Sun

In Sync

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is about to enter a lucky period, a few months during which wonderful things can happen purely because of your confidence and optimism. You'll both notice the new energy infusing your bond; you'll both feel lighthearted and it will seem easy to look forward to the future with bright eyes and open hearts. You feel very much on a par with each other now.

The things your sweetie believes in are important to you, and vice versa. Things that come out of their mouth make you gasp in delight and say, 'Me, too!' You might feel even more in sync now than you did back in the beginning, during the honeymoon phase when you felt like two peas in a pod. But now your beliefs are more truly aligned than they were in those early days, because you know each other better. In some sense, you've grown together, and you've taught each other things that you might not have learned on your own. Now you're feeling good, contented, truly together -- but don't just sit around together being smug about your connection. Stay active. Keep getting together with your friends, keep learning, and most of all, keep striving to make things even better between you.

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