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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Time to Face the Music

Kelli Fox

If there have been any issues hovering between you -- anything about the relationship that leaves something to be desired or that leaves either of you feeling uncomfortable or dissatisfied -- now is the perfect time to face it together as a team and make positive changes for your shared future. Suddenly, you're both feeling infused with a new sense of optimism, one that's borne of a broader understanding of what binds you together as a couple. What are your objectives in this relationship?

Where do you see things going in the future? Those probably aren't the sort of questions you normally ask yourselves; you're generally more focused on having fun together in the here and now. But this period challenges you to spend some time thinking about where you're headed together, and why -- and whether it's what you really want. This process may be a bit difficult in the moment; all you might want is to go back to those fun, carefree days. But if you can convince yourselves and each other to face things now and deal with them, you'll come through this period not only a stronger couple, but stronger individuals with a greater sense of your connection.

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