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Jupiter conjunct Jupiter

Still More to Learn

Kelli Fox

You two have been together long enough to know each other's habits, or so you think. You each believe you can predict what the other would do and say in any given situation. And you have been through plenty together -- ups and downs, thick periods and thin ones.

So, now's the time to celebrate your connection! You may think you know each other through and through, but you don't -- and that's the beauty of the next few months. Your eyes will be opened to the fact that there are always more things to learn about your sweetie -- new facets of their personality, their desires and ambitions to uncover. And there will always be more to learn about your connection, as well, which will become evident over the next few months. On the surface, you two might focus your learning by taking a class together in a new subject or traveling to a part of the world that's brand-new to you -- but rest assured that in the process of growth that ensues, you'll learn a great deal, not only about yourselves and each other but about the way that the two of you connect as a couple.

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