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Venus trine Uranus

Art is love, love is art

Kelli Fox

This aspect fosters a feeling of uniqueness and originality in your relationship. You don't want to be like everyone else; you want to be your own, brand-new kind of couple, and you two can make that happen by following wherever your moods take you! This is a highly creative and social relationship; you have a lot of fun exploring the world together.

You feel like you've never known anyone like this before, but it would be more accurate to say no one has ever made you feel this way before. The relationship you create together is highly original, a work of art in itself. No cliched trappings of romance for you two; instead of roses, your partner might give you birds of paradise. Instead of chocolates, they could send you tickets to see a troupe of Chinese acrobats perform -- or they might take you to a class where you can learn to perform the contortions and balancing acts yourself. Every time you go out together, it's something different, something unusual that you may have never done before. You also go out a lot in groups, and you two can get up to a lot of mischief and fun that way. Strange and great things happen when you're together, things you don't expect that will make great stories for years to come. Your presence in each other's lives has no doubt sparked things up for both of you, and your romance will maintain a feeling of freshness until the end.

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