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Venus trine South Node

Tender lovers

Kelli Fox

The love you feel for each other settled in early on in the relationship, and it is a wondrous and overwhelming experience for both of you. You feel very tender toward each other, and you want to support each other however you can. These feelings are so fully formed and in place because you were lovers in a past life, with a wonderful bond, and you subconsciously want to bring that bond back into this lifetime.

Now, as then, you support each other emotionally and treat each other with the greatest respect and care. Any issues that come up for either of you are able to be resolved through this relationship, which is like a safe harbor for each of you to come home to. You view each other as your rock, your soft spot, your own pair of welcoming arms that enfolds you in tenderness and affection. You both feel very comfortable about wearing your heart on your sleeve. So go ahead -- express yourselves. If other aspects support it, this could be a really big and important relationship for both of you!

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