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Venus trine Pluto

Magnetic love

Kelli Fox

You have laid bare your heart and soul in this relationship, and you've done so because you had no other choice. This partnership requires you to plumb the depths of your emotions and access the deepest, biggest connection you could imagine! This started out as an overwhelming fascination between you, followed by a big sexual charge.

You may have been strongly attracted to your partner in the very beginning, but now your attraction is out of this world; they have a compelling hold on your imagination and you're still amazed by how deeply you can get into things with them. Loving them is a transformative experience, and it's been intense the entire time you've been together. You need to be aware of how you're coming across at all times, because your partner tends to interpret mixed signals in any way they feel. So just keep this dynamic in mind, and you can circumvent any jealousy or possessiveness issues that could otherwise become a problem. Be completely open about anything that comes up. Honesty can get you even farther in this relationship, and developing an even more amazing and transformative love is a very real possibility.

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