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Venus trine Juno

Creative attraction

Kelli Fox

If you're looking for a fun, romantic, affectionate, loving relationship that could very easily last long-term -- and who isn't? -- your search could be over! You two slip effortlessly into a flirtatious, sensual bond that combines real love and trust with a sense of attraction and fun.

This could easily be leading to a commitment! An aspect like this one's great for building a solid relationship, and the bonus for you two is a strong attraction that doesn't fade too much with time. You hold each other in a very special place in your hearts, and your physical bond is hot and important for both of you. Creativity is a highlight of your bond. Will that lead to kids? Who knows! It's up to you. You could be creative in that way, or in an artistic way -- if you end up living together, for example, you both love fixing up the place and making it appealing and comfortable for both of you. Or you could use that strong bond and creative energy to actually launch a project, even a business. The sky is the limit! With an influence like this one warming things up between you, you definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it. If you two stay together, you'll probably end up making each other feel very lucky in love, indeed.

Venus trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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