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Venus trine Ascendant

Vital chemistry

Kelli Fox

You're intensely attracted to each other and enjoy a strong, vital sexual chemistry, but a big part of that attraction could be based on the fact that you agree on what's appropriate behavior. There is a feeling between you that neither of you has to worry about the other, in terms of public embarrassment or social gaffes. You love going out together, seeing and being seen; you love the way you look together, and the way you feel when you're out on the town.

You feel like an unbeatable team, the most attractive couple in the room! You take that attraction home with you at the end of the night. Your lover is very attracted to you physically, and isn't able to keep their hands off you! This kind of energy doesn't have to stop just at your sensual bond, however. You could affect each other on a highly creative level if you push yourselves. There's a chance that things are so easy between you that you just take your bond and your natural chemistry for granted -- don't let that happen! You can help draw out each other's most creative selves. At the very least, you help each other create an artistic home and bedroom. If your relationship becomes a long-term bond and you end up living together, you are sure to make your home aesthetically pleasing to both of you. A lot of thought goes into your dates, as well. Setting out flowers and candles heightens the mood between you and reflects the depth of your appreciation for each other.

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