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Venus square Sun

Romantic tension

Kelli Fox

Well, one thing is certain -- you don't find each other boring! You may not have feelings of being physically or romantically attracted to one another from the beginning, but you definitely feel an attraction of some sort -- and maybe even a magnetic pull based on your differing personalities that is compelling enough to surprise both of you. There is a certain level of tension that naturally exists between you, and it's based on balancing your own individual natures with your ability to offer one another love and support.

Your ideals and values are most likely at odds, and the differences are apparent from the get-go: You view your lover as eccentric, crass or careless, or somehow living on the edge. The resulting tension could be a trying experience for both of you, leading to misunderstandings and other difficulties; if so, the best way to deal with it is to talk it out as best you can, and see if you can understand at least where the other is coming from. However, it's more likely that this inherent tension between you acts as a stimulant in your feelings for each other. You're actively aware of one another and interested in this new person in your life who's so different from you, and from anyone you've ever known. You're attracted to one another for your very differences, as each of you instinctively recognizes that this is no ordinary connection that you share.

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