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Venus square South Node

Attracted but repelled

Kelli Fox

You're highly attracted to each other from the start, but also very cautious of each other, of getting involved in a relationship that you just don't feel sure about. Even if everything looks good on paper -- you're both available, both smart and attractive, both looking for something that will last and be meaningful to you -- somehow, you both have a feeling of doubt, as if there's something untrustworthy under the surface of the relationship, and you feel simultaneously attracted and repelled. These feelings of misgiving are probably not a reflection of what's going on in this relationship, but more of what happened in a past life.

You two were involved in another realm, and one of you hurt the other -- maybe even broke your heart. Today, in this life, you still feel the shadows of that old betrayal, and they make you feel very wary of getting involved, even though you also feel drawn to each other. In truth, you do have an old Karmic debt to work out with each other. If other aspects between you support a good, important and harmonious relationship, why not get involved? You can work out those old feelings of hurt or mistrust by finding that you're new people with more advanced souls than you had the last time you ran around the block together.

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