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Venus square North Node

An obstacle in your path

Kelli Fox

You both have a path in life that you're supposed to follow, and this relationship isn't necessarily the best at helping either of you, but particularly your partner, find your way along. It's not that you don't get along, or that you intentionally divert their progress in life; it's just that your values are in conflict with where they're going, and to stay together as a couple probably means that they have to make compromises that aren't the best thing for their own life. Think of it this way -- someone whose primary focus in life was family and close, intimate, day-to-day connections would have a hard time supporting a lover who wanted to travel to the ends of the world for their career, right?

This is the type of problem you two face. Neither of you create problems on purpose; there is just something implicit in the people that you are that makes it hard to move forward in life as a team. If your lover doesn't follow their dreams because the relationship is holding them back, it may seem as though they're not decisive enough. But the real problem is that, at some point, you both have to make a choice. Which is more valuable to you -- the relationship as it stands, or your own future as your authentic self? The two might be mutually exclusive. You may have to decide to step out of each other's way if you want either of you to be truly happy.

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