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Venus square Neptune

A muddy connection

Kelli Fox

You two are completely immersed in each other's emotional lives, constantly trying to figure out what the other is feeling. While it's wonderful to try to meet your lover's needs, it's unrealistic to do it all the time -- and you run the risk of overlooking your own, because you're so caught up in your partner. They might just not know what they want out of the relationship or out of life in general -- or they just can't tell you, which is very confusing for you.

You may feel unfulfilled, as if things aren't quite right, but you don't know what you need or how to get back on an even keel. And while you try to be everything your lover is looking for, that isn't always possible. Your visions of each other are so muddy and changeable that it is hard to maintain a clear grasp on the relationship in general, and on each other's hearts and minds in particular. Your lover may have even fallen into the habit of misrepresenting things -- not necessarily out-and-out lying, but not sticking strictly to the truth, since the truth is so difficult to pinpoint when you're together. Honesty and understanding are hard to come by, and sooner or later, you may wake up from the dream of your relationship -- if you haven't already -- feeling disappointed by the fact that you don't really know this person very well at all; that your bond isn't as true or intuitive as you thought.

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