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Venus square Midheaven

Your partner's image

Kelli Fox

You may be attracted in the beginning to each other's public persona -- maybe your partner has a career that puts them in the public eye, or that takes them to lots of networking events, fundraisers and the like, and you feel proud to be with them because you're both attracted to that kind of out-there personality, that ability to mix and mingle, to charm and subtly manipulate the crowd. But there's a problem if that feeling of awe and appreciation fizzles once you're alone together. You might just be attracted to this person's public image, and not to the real person that's behind the facade.

Or it might be that the facade really is way too different from who they are as a person. If they're just putting on an act in public, it could be hard to swallow the change that happens as soon as the door is closed and the lock is flipped. You could have a great rapport when you're out with your friends or colleagues, but then as soon as you're at home alone together, there is a coolness between you. How severe this aspect's effects are depends on other factors between you -- how much warmth exists between you as a couple, how much forgiveness you're each willing to extend each other's way. If there aren't many aspects between you to support an affectionate, intimate feeling, then this one could cause a real problem.

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