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Venus square Juno

A frustrating block

Kelli Fox

Even if things started off on a great foot -- you were getting along well, there was a definite spark of attraction running between you, heating things up -- as you got to know each other better, a wall sprang up between you, cooling things down considerably. When a relationship is running along on a positive track, both people involved feel wonderful -- energized, optimistic, full of plans and hopes for the future. It's a big difference between that scenario and one in which a couple is simply lacking affection for and attraction to each other, for no apparent reason.

The latter is likely the situation between the two of you, and it makes it very hard to get to the point of making a real commitment to each other because you don't feel secure in the relationship. Even if you give your lover no reason not to trust you, there are still problems with jealousy and possessiveness between you. When there's a wall like this up between two people, insecurities spring up, jealousy kicks in and then you're in a fine mess. Instead of allowing that to happen, why not take a more proactive approach? Talk things out as directly as you can. If you find that the spark between you is just gone, it may be best to just move on and find someone with whom you're more compatible.

Venus square Juno in the Composite Chart

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