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Venus square Ascendant

Questioning your ideals

Kelli Fox

You don't fit this person's version of their ideal physical type, romantically or sexually speaking, so the physical attraction might not be mutual between you right off. That can actually be a really good thing, if your lover doesn't cling too hard to their idea of what they would wish their lover looked like. If they're able to develop an attraction to you that transcends looks, that will be a much more durable bond.

After all, even the best looks fade! But friendship only grows stronger over the years, and that's where you two should put your focus if you develop a romantic relationship. That might not be easy, however. Your values don't exactly match up, and you could inadvertently make each other feel challenged, uncomfortable or insecure as a result. For example, this person may make it hard for you to save your resources; if they like the party lifestyle but you want to save money, this may cause friction between you. Instead of letting these differences and shortcomings affect you in a negative way, why not learn from them? Sure, you probably don't have what either of you would call a 'normal' or easy connection. You could learn a lot about yourselves and your ability to love another person who's rather different from you, not to mention different from who you might wish that they were.

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