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Venus sextile South Node

A deep, deep love

Kelli Fox

You slipped right into a deeply tender, loving relationship because you were lovers in a past life! You had a deep and sweet bond then, and all that old, loving energy is coming back in this life for you both to enjoy for another round. If either of you has trouble with your self image or insecurities in a relationship, this one could really help you deepen and become the person you already are, because this person's love helps you to love yourself.

You give each other every kind of support that you can -- you tell each other about your deepest hopes, dreams and fears, and you encourage each other to do all the things in life that are most important to you. You talk about your problems, your talents, and you help each other in brainstorming new ideas for tackling issues or using your talents in the best way possible. You really believe in each other; you're each other's cheerleader and you both work hard to create a stable foundation for the relationship. If other aspects permit, this one could mean that you have a long and mutually satisfying relationship in this life, just as you did in a previous one.

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