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Venus sextile Saturn

Loving responsibility

Kelli Fox

This aspect has helped forge a strong bond between you that has easily translated to the long-term. Your blend of creativity and practicality make this relationship a supportive haven for both of you. You each know that you can bring your problems to the table, whether they're personal problems or issues related to work or anything else, and together, you can figure out how to solve them.

Clear communication and practical innovations are your forte as a couple. You communicate well with each other and you treat each other with generosity. There is a feeling of 'what's mine is yours' between you. You two are down to earth together, but you also encourage each other to run with your best, most creative ideas. You blend traditional values with unique thought, and the results can be amazing! This aspect can also help you budget your time and resources well, because you both have a good grasp of what's of value to you, as individuals and as a couple. If you end up working together on a project or business enterprise, you can help each other focus on what needs to happen to get the job done well. You expect a lot of each other and of yourselves, and you strive to meet those expectations. In many areas of your lives, you encourage each other to be the best people and partners you can be.

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