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Venus sextile Pluto

A big, big love

Kelli Fox

Your partner dominates your dreams, your sexual energy, your waking life and your imagination. They have a strangely magnetic hold over you, and as long as you're both open and honest about your own position in the relationship -- what role you each play in the other's life, for example -- this influence should make for a positive, even transformative experience for both of you. Be aware, though, that this relationship has probably taken on an all-or-nothing quality.

If you're not both on board regarding your level of commitment to each other, things can get pretty complicated. Any lack of devotion on your part, especially, can lead to your partner getting possessive, jealous and generally hard to deal with. So if you have any moments of weakness with regards to this relationship, you should be upfront about that fact and let you partner know exactly how you're feeling and what's going on. And, on the flip side, you may also need to remind your partner, from time to time, that it takes two for any relationship to keep going. Realize that for you both to continue to exist within this relationship, you each have to make some adjustments within yourselves. As long as you treat each other with the honesty and respect that you both deserve, you can continue to develop this overpowering love that is a great source of sustenance for you both.

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