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Venus sextile Neptune

Sacrifice and devotion

Kelli Fox

You both have huge sympathy and understanding for each other, and your naturally affectionate bond easily grew into a wonderful, solid love. You love being close; you two are swept along by the fantastic story of your love affair, by the feeling that you're living together in a wondrous dream world in which you're royalty and everything you touch turns magical. Which is a roundabout way of saying that your imaginations are stimulated when you're together, as is an incredible sense of love!

You both have ideals regarding love and relationships that can find expression in this relationship. It may have even turned out to be better than you'd ever hoped or imagined! You inspire each other to be selfless; you both strive to meet each other's needs and will even sacrifice your own comforts or desires to make the other feel good. Your lover, especially, feels as if they'd do anything for you due to this strong and wild devotion. If you're truly committed to each other, this aspect can help a great deal in keeping you tuned in to each other and to the more beautiful, romantic and artistic side of life. Music, art, films, poetry and literature figure large between you, inspiring you to ever-new heights in your love.

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