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Venus sextile Midheaven

Loving their work

Kelli Fox

You bring a creative and sensitive perspective to this person's life. Your values are inspiration and guide to their work, and their professional know-how really helps you along in yours. Whatever you do that's most important to you -- your work, your ambitions and ideals -- is enhanced through this relationship, as you encourage them to be even more imaginative in their approach and they encourage you to work harder and more efficiently.

You might even find that when you're together, things just seem to fall into your lap; lucky social opportunities, or material resources, or... You name it, you likely find it with this person. This isn't simple luck, of course; it is more about good karma working its way back toward you when you help your partner out by drawing positive, creative forces into their life. The favor is returned when they use all their best connections to help you advance your career as well. You're both better off for this aspect, as your work is enhanced.

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