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Venus sextile Mercury

Gentle harmony

Kelli Fox

If there are other, less harmonious aspects between you, don't worry -- this one really helps to smooth over the harsh effects of those, because as a couple, your focus is on getting along well and working together as a loving, communicative team. Neither of you wants to argue, so you both find much more constructive ways to get your own point across and find a solution to any problem that might come up. Your lover is also very open and verbal about expressing their tender feelings for you!

This isn't the type of relationship where either of you has to wonder where you stand with the other person. No, your lover delights in leaving love notes for you in your briefcase or purse, describing all the wonderful ways that their life changed when you two got together; they write songs or poems for you, give you sweet cards every chance they get. They really let you know just how special they think their sweet partner is. Your friends -- of which there are many -- look up to you as the couple who has everything they want -- a loving, supportive connection that could lead to something really special. If you end up working together on a creative project or even an entrepreneurial one, this aspect greatly helps your communication, because you always take special care to deal with one another kindly and gently.

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