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Venus sextile Juno

Keeping that loving feeling alive

Kelli Fox

You know that song that goes, 'We've lost that loving feeling'? Well, you two probably don't ever have to sing that! Not with this aspect between you.

It's easy to maintain that feeling of affection and attraction that's strong from the start. You don't even have to try very hard; the energy is just there, sweet and vital, boosting your relationship from the inside. You don't just love, trust and respect each other, you also have the hots for each other -- and that doesn't fade with time, as is so often the case. No, you two will keep it alive for a good long time, if you want to. This aspect is wonderful for a long-term connection, because it really stimulates all those feelings that are most important in a marriage or similar commitment. You're also highly creative together; you never lack ideas for fun dates or ways to make your home more appealing to you both, and you have a lot of fun with that kind of project -- fixing things up, restoring them, making them beautiful again. You, especially, love to doll yourself up for your lover! Looking great for them is important to you, and they definitely appreciate the time and effort you put into your appearance. They love treating you with new clothes, a surprise spa treatment and the like. All these fun and special things really boost the romantic flavor of your relationship, and keep the love alive for a long time.

Venus sextile Juno in the Composite Chart

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