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Venus quincunx Venus

A potential problem

Kelli Fox

It might take awhile to get to know each other, because in some way, you are not each other's usual types. This doesn't have as much to do with some physical type than with innate qualities that each of you share, which are somewhat in conflict with each other. You might notice that both socially and sensually, you don't exactly match up; you both have the feeling that it could be a lot better between you, that you're only reaching part of your potential together.

You're probably right. There is a disconnect in what each of you likes to do, whether that's out with friends, on a date or behind closed doors during intimate moments. This doesn't have to be an insurmountable obstacle to your relationship. In some sense, you speak different languages of love. You have different ways of expressing love and affection, and the ways in which you do so could just fly over the other's head, not registering on their radar of love. Rather than ending up feeling unappreciated, unloved and generally neglected, you do better to talk openly about your own experiences with love -- translate your language for each other, so to speak. If you can cue each other in on what you need to feel appreciated and how you show your love, your partner has a better chance of meeting your needs and also, registering on your loving signals.

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