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Venus quincunx Uranus

A need to be different

Kelli Fox

You two have an unusual connection. You might not have been attracted to each other right off, or you might just not have been exactly each other's types, but you warmed up to each other gradually. Over time, as in most relationships, your bond has deepened and as you've gotten to know each other, you've grown to appreciate and respect each other more and more.

But after a while, you might have found out that your initial resistance to getting deeply involved may have been right after all. There is something between you that isn't quite right, and it's hard to pinpoint what it is. You find this person to be just a little bit too different, too original, too unpredictable, and your differences may grate on your nerves and prevent you from feeling fully attracted to them. You relate to each other with your differences standing as a wall between you, or a filter through which you can't help but look at each other. At base, these differences between you are simply the truth of two people, trying to be themselves while merging lives in a romantic partnership. You have to allow your partner to be the individual that they truly are, even if you think some of their choices are strange or incomprehensible. Tolerance is needed if you want the relationship to work; otherwise, you might both feel misunderstood or criticized by the other.

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