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Venus quincunx Pluto

A subtle mismatch

Kelli Fox

You're curiously fascinated by your partner, even though you probably haven't found them to be the type you're usually attracted to. You might have made a commitment to them prematurely, before you had a clear idea of how much they actually meant to you, or how well you truly got along. As a result, your physical or sensual bond might not feel completely natural to either of you.

As time has gone on, you may have found yourself scrutinizing the relationship, trying to figure out why you just don't seem to fit together very well. You really want to figure out the problem and solve it, which could be more easily said than done. You might respond to this vague feeling of something being off between you by trying to control or manipulate each other into being the kind of lover that you really want. This relationship is at risk for becoming an obsessive bond in which neither of you can have your needs fulfilled, but your partner, especially, likely tries hard to exert their will over you and get everything they're looking for in a partner. Getting things on a more even keel between you involves adjusting your own needs and desires rather than demanding that they be met. You two may never feel as if you really match up, either emotionally or sexually, and it's up to both of you to make adjustments in order to unsure the success of this relationship.

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