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Venus quincunx Mars

Unfulfilled desires

Kelli Fox

The levels of your passion will vary over time. Your partner might always be more attracted to you than you are to them. That can be a difficult dynamic for both of you to deal with, especially in a long-term relationship.

This aspect forces adjustment from both of you, because you find that you're not well matched when it comes to sensuality. Your styles of intimacy are different; you find different things sexy and have a hard time matching up your tastes, and your drives. But you are attracted to each other, if in a strange way -- you might actually be drawn to each other because of the differences between you! You've found, though, that you're not into the same things when it comes to intimate play. Your rhythms are off; one or both of you runs hot and cold, and it is difficult to find a time when your energies are matched up and running strong. Your patience with each other could run short as a result, because you always feel as if you're either not getting enough of what you want, or you're getting too much. You've both learned a lot about yourselves and your own needs and rhythms in a sexual relationship, if only because your needs are contrasted against each other. But your unfulfilled desires may prove to be too much to handle. If you want things to continue to work out between you, you'll both have to strike a compromise in order to meet both your needs.

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