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Venus quincunx Jupiter

A nagging feeling

Kelli Fox

You're genuinely attracted to each other, and you both really want to support each other and share in all parts of your lives and experiences. But some basic differences between you two keep putting you on opposite sides of the fence, again and again. You disagree on certain subjects, and while you might be able to smooth things over easily enough, you still have the nagging feeling that something's not right between you.

It's not that you don't genuinely like and respect each other, but you differ on so many subjects, big and small, that you have a hard time finding common ground. When you're out together, you might be uncomfortable about how much money your partner wants to spend on having a good time. And being stubborn and opinionated about their personal beliefs is also an issue between you. But though your impulse might be to just allow the petty arguments to continue -- after all, they might never be much more than bickering -- you should both try to face down your differences and see if you can't come to some kind of agreement. If you want to maintain your relationship, wouldn't it be better to do the hard work of hashing things out and finding a compromise?

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