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Venus opposite Venus

Learning to love

Kelli Fox

The two of you together are like a pendulum -- always swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other, never finding that happy medium. In the beginning, it was a true case of opposites attract: You instinctively recognized that here was a person who's your exact opposite when it comes to love and romance. You find that you express love and affection in completely opposite ways, and your ideas of a romantic date couldn't be further apart!

For a while, this could be stimulating -- it's exciting to be with someone so different from yourself, after all -- but the differences could start to wear on both of you. The fact that you express your love in such different ways could mean that you just don't recognize the signs even when you are being loved, and you end up feeling as if your needs aren't being met. You might also project your needs onto each other in such a big way that you forget to pay attention to each other's needs, because you're so engrossed in the importance of your own. You might even start focusing on trying to change each other, trying to remold each other into the type of lover that you wish you could be with. A big, big love is possible between you, but you have to cut through your projections and learn to give love to your partner, rather than demanding it for yourself.

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