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Venus opposite Sun

Complex but compelling

Kelli Fox

Wow -- the attraction between you is compelling, magnetic, even overwhelming! There is a naturally strong energy that exists between you from the start, and you should both expect to experience the highest highs and the lowest lows through the course of this relationship. Your physical connection is very strong, and sexuality could be a major focus between you.

Though that sounds like a good thing -- who wouldn't want such a strong sensual bond? -- you have to take care that your physical intimacy doesn't overshadow the other areas of your relationship that are equally important, such as a loving, trusting emotional bond. Possessiveness is probably an issue between you -- which could actually work, if you feel mutually possessive of each other, both holding strongly to the connection you share. There are things to watch out for, however, in a connection such as this. There is a high likelihood that you don't see your lover clearly, as the individual that they truly are. Instead, you view them through a lens of attraction, need and sexuality, and you tend to project your own needs and ideas onto them, obscuring their true personality. Remember those low lows mentioned earlier? Those result from this type of projection -- when you ascribe to your lover all kinds of feelings, strengths and abilities ... and then reality comes crashing in. You realize that they're just another human being, not a hero of superhuman strength.

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