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Venus opposite Neptune

Muddled understanding

Kelli Fox

You two are very close emotionally, maybe too close. You've become immersed in your partner's emotional life, which is a tricky proposition at best. You're constantly trying to figure out what they're thinking and feeling, what they need to feel better, and so on, but you can't figure it out because they're as hard to see through as smoke.

Try not to get so caught up in your lover's life that you find yourself subverting your own needs in favor of meeting theirs, because you both deserve to get what you want out of love and to feel good. And the truth is, while you've been emotionally invested in your partner from the start, you might not ever know where you stand with them. One moment they seem -- and feel -- loving and connected, but the next they're remote, unreachable by any of your usual tactics. The funny thing is, you might feel as if you're soul mates -- without ever really knowing each other or having any real sense of understanding or trust between you. When the reality of it all kicks in -- if it hasn't already -- you could feel disappointed and disillusioned by the time and effort you've spent on someone you still don't really know. Realize what's happening and work to make a connection, or accept that your relationship can be strong without a traditional connection ever existing.

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