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Venus opposite Mars

Sexual understanding

Kelli Fox

For both of you, this relationship is an important experience in terms of your sexuality, your sexual needs and your perception of what it means to be in a sexual relationship. You both have something to learn about yourselves, your attitudes and your rhythms. You haven't always been completely comfortable with your sexuality, and this relationship presented you with the opportunity to learn about yourself in that area and grow as a human being.

This is likely a strongly passionate relationship that revolves around your sexual connection. In any case, you're strongly physically attracted to each other, and your partner encourages you to be your wildest, most forward sensual self! You can really learn to express yourself and your desires through this connection, and you likely try things you've never tried before. You've probably found that each of you take on a role in your intimate moments -- you are the more emotional partner, the one who reminds you both to take it slow and revel in the feelings that overwhelm both of you; and your lover is the exciting, impulsive partner who reminds you both to follow where the mood takes you. What a combination! You have a lot to learn from each other, and though opposite in style, you complement each other well. And playing around with role reversals helps you both break out of your shell and be a more fully vital sexual being.

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