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Venus conjunct Venus

True love

Kelli Fox

This is a wonderful aspect for any type of romantic relationship -- short- or long-term, casual or deeply connected. There's a good chance that it will lead to something longer term, because you just feel so attracted, so in love, so in sync with each other! Your values are in harmony, which makes it really easy to merge your lives, your goals and your dreams for the future.

You find that you want the same things, from the small stuff, like how you want to decorate your homes, to the big stuff, like how you want your futures to map out. It feels perfectly natural to make each other's dreams your own and work toward them together. The sensual connection you share is heated up by this influence -- you're very physically attracted to each other, and consider your intimate bond to be sacred and important. This aspect is also a big help with any other aspects between you that might be more difficult to deal with. This one creates such a feeling of affinity and love that it helps with any disagreement or misunderstanding that arises. You feel like true friends as well as lovers, and you want to work things out as quickly as possible -- so you both put in the effort to find a mutually satisfying resolution to an argument or problem. As a rule, you both steer clear of arguments. The bond between you makes you value your harmony and seek to promote it as much as possible.

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