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Venus conjunct Uranus

Extreme excitement

Kelli Fox

The relationship you've created with this person is original in the extreme -- and depending on various factors, it may or may not be very easy to keep it going. Your partner is certainly not like any you've had before. They wow you with their out-there ideas and in fact, you both inspire all kinds of creative ideas in each other.

You two fell hard and fast, and your continuing feelings of infatuation could make you feel as though you're doing creative work, just in living out the relationship -- almost as if your relationship is an art project that you're collaborating on. You talk about all your best ideas, and working together on a creative project is likely, because you each excite all kinds of possibilities and plans in the other's minds. You may blend your social lives and could find yourselves going out every night, chasing that elusive sense of newness and spontaneity. You always have the feeling, when you're together, as if you're right on the tail of a major discovery -- and plenty of times, you're right. Your partner opens you up to influences you've never imagined! So have a great time, but try not to impose any traditional expectations on each other. You won't always want the same things at the same time in terms of intimacy and space, and you might find that the unpredictable nature of your bond can be too much to handle from time to time. Just remember to appreciate this relationship for what it is -- fun, unique and eye-opening.

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