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Venus conjunct South Node

Past life lovers

Kelli Fox

You felt instantly attracted, maybe even had love at first sight! If so, you feel comfortable about wearing your heart on your sleeve. You were definitely lovers in a past life, and that feeling of tenderness and familiarity has carried over into this one.

You really identify with each other's pasts; maybe you've had similar upbringings, or you've had your hearts broken in ways that affected you similarly. You talk about these experiences and you find that they've influenced the people that you've become and the values you have now. You, especially, want a secure, stable relationship as a result of the experiences you've had in love affairs before now, and you might be able to find that in this relationship. Just make sure that your lover is on board with you, so to speak, in terms of a commitment. You'd never hold them back on purpose, but it could happen if neither of you is careful -- you are just so comfortable together. Following your dreams is every bit as important as this relationship might become. So make sure that you're both on the same page, and not doing anything that doesn't feel completely natural. Beyond the above warning, you should be able to connect really well, quickly and naturally, and you probably slip right into a committed relationship without trouble or fuss.

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