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Venus conjunct Pluto

Possessive bonds

Kelli Fox

Your partner fascinates you, and you feel a big sexual charge when you're around them, but this relationship is something even more intense than that. You've been strongly attracted to them from the start; they hold a compelling, magnetic appeal for you and you feel dominated by the awe you have for them. Your intimate moments take on a deep and grand energy, and you feel transformed through the process of loving this person and making love to them.

However, with time, this transformative bent may have gone a bit overboard. Your partner started wanting to possess you, and may have made some efforts to try to control you. It might still be in its subtle stages, but give it time -- the attempts to dominate you will only grow. You're overcome by the desire to become the person and partner your lover wants you to be. And they, in turn, may become jealous when you want to go out with friends, possessive of your time and energy, because they want it all focused on them. Your sex life could become a mirror for this power play that you engage in, and your lover might use the bedroom as the venue for trying to control you. In some way, they want to own you -- to claim dominion over your very soul. Needless to say, this could be very hard to deal with unless you can mutually agree to tone it down.

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