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Venus conjunct North Node

Love will show the way

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is important to your lover because it allows them to access parts of themselves and their emotional makeup that might have been previously hidden. Your affection for them helps them become the person they want to be. In fact, you both help each other access your best selves -- your most loving and emotionally attuned selves, for starters.

In some way, your destinies are entwined with the ways that you give each other love. Because of this deep bond, you've felt naturally together from the start. This kind of familiarity gives your lover, especially, the feeling that you two are meant to be together, and perhaps you are! You certainly help to clarify their life path in a way that they might not be able to do on their own. You give them the strength they need to move forward in life. Your relationship serves as a solid base from which they can move outward into the world. This serves an important purpose in their life, and they're happy to show you a lot of gratitude for this gift that you bring to them. Your values are highlighted in this relationship, and you help your partner define their values even more closely. Within this relationship, you can both figure out what's really important to you in terms of love, affection and your own future.

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