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Venus conjunct Neptune

Enchanted love

Kelli Fox

The mystery of this relationship eludes you -- it simply exists on its own, seemingly without input or nurturing from either of you. What a gift! You have such a strong foundation of sympathy and affection to draw from.

You both feel as if you just can't get enough of being close -- you may even feel bewitched by each other, fascinated in a way that neither of you understands. The powerful currents of your romantic attraction sweep you along, and your love feels like a fantasy, a fairy tale, a wondrous story without end, full of possibility and nuance. But you have to try hard not to let the romance sweep you into the deep end! Things could get confusing if you linger too long in Never Never Land. The effect of this aspect is to intensify whatever other aspects there might be between you. For example, if there are other grounding influences in your relationship, then this aspect simply adds a powerful shot of love and romance to the mix. But if there are other aspects between you that might muddy your communication or alter your perception of each other, those effects can also be heightened. Though your imagination is stimulated by this influence, which is generally a good thing, it is also beneficial to ground yourself in reality from time to time. Remind yourself -- and your partner -- to balance the poetry of your love affair with a healthy dose of nonfiction.

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