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Venus conjunct Moon

A groovy kind of love

Kelli Fox

The sexual charge between you is both strengthened and heightened by an equally strong emotional attunement. From the beginning, your lover tunes right in to your thoughts and feelings. They understand you on an intuitive level and respond with subtle but strong support.

They're able to love you in a way that really comes across and is appreciated by you -- which is no small feat. Plenty of couples speak a different language when it comes to love, simply because they grew up in different households with different symbols of affection and care. With you two, that isn't a problem. There is a sunny feeling of affection between you, an instant and true devotion that only grows as time goes on. Your social life together is active, because you both love spreading the wealth -- you share such a sense of wonderful excitement that you want to heighten it with nights out on the town, painting it all shades of red with your best friends in tow. This aspect definitely supports a long-term bond, if that's the way your relationship goes. As already mentioned, the sexual current between you runs hot and deep! Your partner intuitively knows just what to do to make you feel amazing. Any rough patches that arise -- disagreements, emotions out of sync -- should be quickly smoothed over due to this facile, communicative, emotional, intuitive bond.

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