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Venus conjunct Midheaven

Whistle while you work

Kelli Fox

The love and affection you share as a couple really enhances the professional life of your lover. The values you share as a couple, the ways in which you connect with each other in an intimate or romantic way, somehow enables them to tune in to their work or career in an unusual and beneficial way. You might actually be able to help them attract the material resources they need to make their work really become a success, or this influence could be more on an emotional level.

Your partner may have always taken a cool, unemotional approach to their work, but this love affair helps them to connect more to the human side of their job. You, on the other hand, may have always erred too much on the side of a sensitive, emotional approach in life, and this relationship gives you a new outlet for all that feeling, allowing you to take a more proactive and efficient stance at work. Another way in which this aspect might manifest its influence is that you help your lover to focus on their work in a creative and artistic way. The blush of romance can often act as a creative stimulant! You could both find yourself whistling while you work and bringing a depth and creativity to your work that's drawn from a well of love and attraction. How nice! However it happens, this aspect is a boon to both your professional successes.

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