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Venus conjunct Mars

A consuming passion

Kelli Fox

Your sexual bond plays a key role in your relationship, and you maintain a high level of attraction for each other, even over a long period of time. Your intimate, sensual moments are highly charged, your desire for each other consuming, passionate and vivid. You might find that you're more compatible with your partner sexually than you've ever been with anyone else in your entire life, and that alone keeps the inner fires burning!

But though sensuality is a real focus between you, a high point in your relationship and a great way to connect, it isn't just about the physical sensations your lover brings to you. You have a very affectionate bond as well, and you love connecting with each other on both a physical and emotional level. It can't all be smooth as cream, though -- you irritate each other sometimes, and your partner, especially, might even antagonize you from time to time, or exhibit coarse, offensive behavior. However, your partner definitely enjoys getting into it, because making up is very amorous for them indeed. And even as they have an exciting, even irritating influence on you, you have a calming influence on them. You know how to talk them down when they get worked up, and you often take different -- meaning, complementary -- approaches to a problem. That means you bring your own strengths to any given situation, and working as a team, you're stronger than you would be alone.

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