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Venus conjunct Juno

The cat's meow

Kelli Fox

It's everyone's ideal to find a mate they not only fall in love with, trust, respect and so on, but also one they're attracted to! Maybe that seems elementary, but all too often, people end up settling for a lover who has lots of great personality qualities...but not as much sex appeal as their partner might wish. Well, the two of you don't have to worry about that!

The attraction between you is hot and thriving from the start, but so will the softer side of love -- the affection, that sense of romanticism and idealism and commitment that keeps you feeling close. In fact, this aspect really helps you grow to love each other, and supports your relationship if you decide to commit on a long-term basis. And your lover just thinks you're the cat's meow. They love gazing into your eyes, stroking your hair and just reveling in all the glory of love. You adore doing the same with them. You love to dress up for your lover, to make yourself look special for that person who's so special to you! You might love to go out together as an excuse to get fancied up -- or you might choose to keep it private, and just put on something sexy at home. It's up to you! But for sure, you both put a lot of energy into maintaining your wonderful love connection, and you both place importance on the affectionate, flirtatious, romantic bond that runs so strong between you.

Venus conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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