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Venus conjunct Ascendant

Working as a team

Kelli Fox

The chemistry between you is really strong, especially if other aspects support the love and attraction that this one fosters between you. You're drawn to each other like moths to a flame -- and like that flame, you find each other hot, hot, hot! You want to get to know each other better, physically as well as emotionally.

Your sexual attraction is very strong, and you love looking at each other. Just gazing into each other's eyes or holding hands makes you feel good. You inspire each other creatively and you bring out each other's social sides, but most of all, you just talk and talk about everything that comes into your minds. You love the process of getting to know each other! You share ideas that you might never have revealed to anyone else -- and in this relationship, those ideas find encouragement, enthusiasm and support. Your lover inspires you to be the best and brightest person that you can be, and you inspire them to be more loving and connected. This aspect goes a long way toward solidifying you as a team, and helps to warm up any cooler or more difficult aspects that might exist between you. If other influences support this as well, this one helps you develop a long-term bond that is mutually satisfying and beneficial. This aspect helps you become stronger in your union than you might be as separate people.

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