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Uranus trine South Node

A spark of creativity

Kelli Fox

For your partner especially, this relationship is an important one, because something original and unique within you helps them to stand up and become more of an individual, more free to be themselves. They might be a bit inhibited when it comes to standing up for themselves or even just following their dreams, but you come into their life like a breath of fresh air -- a wind of change, if you will. Your natural way of being in the world is an inspiration to them to follow your lead and make their life a better life to live.

You two could actually share a cause as a couple, either one that you already have in common, one you discover together or one that you're already working toward in your own life, and you inspire your lover to join you in your crusade. Even if there's no organized cause that either of you is interested in working toward, the cause you espouse could simply be your own life -- creating a better one for yourself, and helping your lover do the same. You help them to rebel against all the people and situations in their life that are holding them back. If you both feel as if you've done this before, maybe fought this good fight together in the past, you could be right -- that positive, transformative energy between you could come from a past life, in which you were involved in much the same way as you are in this one.

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