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Uranus trine Neptune

Living the dream

Kelli Fox

Whenever you two get involved in something, you both remember that you have a highly creative streak between you. For your partner, this could be an especially important influence, because they may have hung back all their life, keeping those stranger ideas to themselves out of fear that other people would find them weird or otherwise unacceptable. But with you, your partner knows they've found someone who gets their weirdness, because you've got an oddball side too!

When you two get together, you have creative ideas, unusual conversations and experiences that lead you places neither of you ever expected. Anything is possible between you, so if you want to take this relationship to it's highest level, you should definitely take advantage of this influence by launching some kind of creative project together -- a piece of art, a garden, a new house, or hey -- even kids. You two surprise yourself and each other at how crazy and wonderful things can get!

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