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Uranus trine Moon

A spark of excitement

Kelli Fox

There is a wonderful feeling of excitement and freshness between you that holds your interest, potentially for a long time! You have an interesting and varied social life together that leads you to places that you may never have dreamed of, but more importantly, the relationship you share between just the two of you is stimulating, exhilarating and completely unexpected. Sometimes this type of unpredictable energy can be more irritating than anything else, as it doesn't foster the feelings of security or stability that are necessary in an intimate relationship.

You two are able to keep the excitement between you completely separate from issues of emotional security. In other words, you're able to depend on each other and even make a commitment, but still have that amazing, spontaneous sexual bond; that wild, weird and wonderful quality to your conversations, where you come up with every idea under the sun; and that footloose and fancy-free aesthetic to your travels, where you follow where your whims lead you and see where you end up. You do really well in groups together, so traveling in a group or joining a social or political club together could be a great way to enliven your time together. Since you're so creative together, starting a joint creative project or even an entrepreneurial undertaking could be very fruitful!

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